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A logo which uses gradient 

the beauty of using a stylus to create clean art. 


Branding - Charcoal

Here I combined my visuals with the typeface someone else made in the group.

An example of analog and digital products which relate in function by the use of drawing and writing but one for digital and one for analog.

#357 Staring at the sun – Only ten posts left until we reach the end of the first year Geometry Daily. – A new minimal geometric composition each day

"This beautiful identity for  Almighty, an interior design and home staging company, was designed by Demien Conrad Design using an interesting technique. The pattern of organic shapes adorning the printed pieces were created through Suminagashi marbling, an ancient Japanese technique of decorating paper with inks floated on water.”

After seeing these designs which are handmade it would be a nice idea to create our logo handmade using charcoal. 

source: http://www.designworklife.com/2011/10/17/demian-conrad-design-almighty-identity/



Looking at fingerprints as our logo which represents touch as charcoal is a hands on product. This logo reminds me of a fingerprint which is slight being smudged or moving in a certain direction.
Great Lakes assemblage (mary jo hoffman)
A beautiful assemble. The colours and the raw materials really inspire me for creating visuals for our charcoal brand based in the lake district!

Todays workshop on typography detailing. 

"Solution combines traditional aesthetics of whiskey consumption and street culture. The logo of “Whyte & Mackay”, which is more than two centuries old, is adjacent to a graffiti tag, and the 22-year-old whiskey is packed in a kraft paper bag. Like the whiskey itself, this design is a blend of classics and contemporary, sophistication and impertinence, aristocratic elegance and street culture, luxury and anti-glamor. The design ideology reinforces the constructive solution: the label is attached to the packaging by a bright red thread, and after tearing up the label is thrown away. When you hold a bottle, label is nowhere to be found, only the kraft package, and this also has its own idea — the perfect taste does not need labels. "

What I like about the branding of this product is the mixture of classic and contemporary, and the use of the iconic brown paper bag fro alcohol.